Cultural Educational Association CIC (CEA)

Association of Schools for the Support of Russian Language and Culture in the UK

The Cultural Educational Association of Schools for the Support of Russian Language and Culture in the UK is a pivotal initiative dedicated to preserving and enhancing the rich legacy of Russian culture and language. This collective serves as a central network for Russian schools across the UK, fostering a coordinated and effective approach to education that extends beyond the traditional school week.

We aim to bolster Russian cultural identity amongst the younger generation. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive, high-quality education in the Russian language, history, literature, and art. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and, to that end, we facilitate the exchange of best practices among Russian schools throughout the UK. This ensures consistency and high standards in our joint educational efforts.

We provide resources and support to schools and teachers to enhance their educational services and champion the unique and invaluable facets of Russian culture. As the Russian-speaking community in the UK continues to grow, we remain committed to meeting the rising demand for quality Russian language education.

Through our work, we aim to make a significant contribution to the broader educational landscape of the UK, cementing the position of Russian culture and language within it. We warmly invite everyone to join us on this significant journey. Together, we can help our children and future generations appreciate the richness and depth of Russian culture and language, keeping them connected with our vast historical and cultural heritage.

Unified Educational Program

Common educational program and a library with educational materials

Development and enhancement of programs for studying the Russian language at all levels of education.


Implementation of standards for schools and educational processes

Ensuring coordination and exchange of best practices among Russian schools throughout the UK.

Rating and Accreditation 

Creation of a school rating system and teacher accreditation.

Vital tools to maintain high educational standards, facilitate ongoing improvement, and assure parents of the quality of teaching and learning within the association.


Implementation of tests to track the assimilation of educational materials

Implementation of testing could ensure the consistency and quality of the education provided

Examination Work

Organization and conducting of exams

Examination work is a critical component of an educational program, as it's often the primary method of assessing students' understanding of the curriculum and tracking their progress. 

Cultural Work

Opportunities for organising and conducting cultural events

Cultural work in education is about more than just understanding Russian culture; it's about fostering an appreciation for the rich tapestry of history, traditions, arts, and people that make up the Russian-speaking world

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