Cultural Educational Association of Schools of Russian Language and Culture in the UK is a pivotal initiative dedicated to preserving and enhancing the rich legacy of Russian culture and language.



Help children and future generations learn and appreciate Russian culture and language.

We collaborate with educational institutions and experts to design comprehensive and progressive curriculums that cater to different age groups and proficiency levels.

Our programs emphasize not only linguistic skills but also cultural understanding and appreciation. Through continuous evaluation and enhancement of our study programs, we strive to foster an effective and engaging learning environment, where students can flourish in their mastery of the Russian language.



Cultivate an appreciation for the uniqueness and value of Russian culture in the hearts and minds of future generations.

We organise cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions dedicated to Russian history, traditions, and heritage.

By delving into historical epochs, exploring masterpieces of literature, and studying various forms of arts, we aim to cultivate a deep appreciation for the uniqueness and value of Russian culture, ensuring its vibrant continuation in the hearts and minds of future generations.



Consistency and high standards in our collective educational endeavors amongst Russian schools in the UK.

Facilitating coordination and an exchange of best practices.

By creating a platform for communication and collaboration, we enable schools to learn from each other's successes, share innovative teaching methods, and tackle challenges together. This united approach allows us to continually elevate the standard of education, ensuring all students have access to the best possible learning experience within our network of schools.



Providing resources and support to schools and teachers to ensure high-quality education.

We support Russian-language media, books, films, and music.

Provide educational materials, training, and collaborative opportunities, all designed to empower educators in their crucial role of shaping young minds. We believe that with the right support, we can inspire a deep appreciation for the Russian language and culture in the hearts of our students.

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